Lead Electrical Engineer - REMOTE at Fleetzero

Posted on: 06/03/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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Fleetzero is hiring an experienced and creative Lead Electrical Engineer to own the development of control systems and hardware for our marine battery propulsion system. The Lead Electrical Engineer will own the overall design of several systems and components including cell-level, module-level, pack-level, and auxiliary control hardware and systems. **The sope of the role will include** * Greenfield development of systems * Rapid prototyping, testing, and improvement * Supporting regulatory and other agency certifications (UL, and various marine-specific requirements) * Overall system design (from concept through development to field testing) * The latitude to identify and solve problems as a part of a collaborative team **Hard skills valued include** * Circuit and IC design * Component and vendor selection * Experience with relevant design software packages * Proficiency in relevant coding languages * Experience with industrial controls and communications systems (PLCs, CPUs, CAN, I2C, 1-wire, etc) * Experience with solid-state power electronics, power inverters, charging systems * Experience with circuit protection and relevant standards and regulations from one or more industries (aero, auto, marine, etc) * Deep knowledge of state of the art in components and their limitations and how this impacts design and capability Fleetzero is a collaborative environment where you will be empowered to build, invent, and identify & solve unique challenges in support of our mission. We value individuals who are motivated by building and solving problems and who believe in our mission.