Software Engineer, Kubernetes Monitoring at Red Hat

Posted on: 10/07/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: openshift prometheus github containers kubernetes

[]( The Red Hat Engineering team is looking for a Software Engineer to join our Prometheus Monitoring team in US East or EMEA. In this role, you’ll work side by side with influential experts in the field on [Prometheus](, the leading monitoring solution for Kubernetes. You will work on open source feature development, automation of Prometheus, telemetry systems, and integration with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for cluster and application monitoring. Primary job responsibilities ---------------------------- * Contribute to high-profile strategic open source projects including Prometheus, [Prometheus Operator](, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and [Thanos]( * Implement [Kubernetes Operators]( that manage and update cluster monitoring software * Implement meaningful Red Hat OpenShift COntainer Platform monitoring metrics and alerts * Implement solutions to various monitoring related problems * Cooperate with other engineering teams on monitoring integration * Cooperate within the Kubernetes and Prometheus communities * Contribute to large-scale hosted telemetry services * Help maintain various open source projects * Inspire key technical decisions for the overall product Required skills --------------- * 3+ years of software engineering experience * 1+ years of experience with the Go language, runtime, and tools * Experience building infrastructure or cloud software * Experience building and consuming APIs * Development experience with Kubernetes and containers * Basic knowledge in the domain of application monitoring * Solid communication skills in English The following are considered a plus: * Experience with distributed systems * Experience being an open source maintainer * Experience building telemetry systems