Ruby on Rails API Developer at The Black List

Posted on: 06/01/2022

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Tags: heroku digitalocean ruby rails react aws docker

We’re seeking a back-end developer to assist with the buildout of a Ruby on Rails API-only application. Our ideal candidate has experience building products across the stack and a firm understanding of Ruby on Rails, APIs, and databases. **Objectives** * Spin up a new Ruby on Rails API-only project that utilizes an existing database schema * Develop REST API endpoints that will serve as the back-end for a newly built Next.js app * Ensure application performance, uptime, and scale, maintaining high standards of code quality and thoughtful application design * Write tests corresponding to the newly built endpoints * Collaborate via Slack and weekly video calls **Required Skills and Qualifications** * Minimum of 3 years of experience working with Ruby and RoR * Experience with hosting platforms like AWS, Heroku or DigitalOcean * Knowledge of at least one MVC framework * High level understanding of Next.js and React * Excellent debugging and optimization skills * Unit/integration testing experience * Understanding Docker from a developer standpoint * Work up to 20 hours per week