Lead Technical Writer for Cryptocurrency PR Agency at Block3 PR

Posted on: 05/31/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: blockchain

We are looking for a top-tier talent to help lead our content efforts as a technical writer for paid media, earned media, blog articles, and educational materials. Our lead technical writer will work closely alongside Block3 PR’s c-suite to provide top-tier content aligned to their voice, narrative, style, and subject needs. This position will be a vital asset to our team and, through involvement during our early stages, offers significant upside and the potential to rise alongside us. We are looking for someone willing to become a long-term, dedicated member that can produce first-rate technical articles and documentation as our start-up grows in one of the world’s most exciting, unique and thriving industries. Job Duties: ----------- * Act as lead technical writer for Block3 PR * Writing content for earned media, paid media and educational materials for premier blockchain projects and businesses * Working alongside blockchain projects to research and understand the inner workings of their smart contracts and interfaces * Liasoning with Block3 PR’s c-suite, attending staff meetings, and joining meetings and calls with current clients when necessary * Following up with clients to ensure our products match and exceed their expectations * Helping prepare content strategies and narratives with c-suite and other team members to develop comprehensive, creative content roadmaps * Assuring our content products and materials accurately fit client demands for voice, narrative, style and quality * Leading other long-term projects such as research papers, GitBooks and whitepapers * Editing, revising and proofreading public-facing technical materials for clients Job Requirements: ----------------- * Bachelor’s Degree or higher in communications, English, computer science or other related fields * Native or fluent English * 2+ years experience as a writer in the blockchain industry * Superb, accurate and flexible technical writing abilities * Capable of generating multiple articles and content pieces per week * Excellent research skills and highly capable of gathering, organizing and absorbing new information about projects * Detailed knowledge of the inner workings of smart contract languages and blockchain architectures Location: Remote Hours: 15-30 hours per week Please submit your cover letter and CV to careers@block3.pr – we look forward to hearing from you!