Cloud Engineer for Computer Vision - Remote - EU Time Zone at CVEDIA LTD

Posted on: 08/27/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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About CVEDIA ------------ CVEDIA is an AI company that develops deep learning solutions for some of the world's largest organizations. Our computer vision simulation platform SynCity is the first of its kind – using game development tools and machine learning theory, we’ve created a simulated universe that can create AI models for autonomous cars, boats, and drones, as well as for robotics, industrial AI, smart cities, agriculture, and other applications. We create AI using a mixture of data science, machine learning, and imaging experience. About you --------- **We are looking for Developers with experience in microservices, networking, security, and cloud architecture, to extend and integrate our cloud entire suite of systems for training and data generation.** In this role, you will have the opportunity of working with exceptionally talented and driven individuals who are all making a massive impact on our business. Everyone here drives their own ideas all the way from start to finish, everyone is given an equal opportunity to flourish and see the fruits of their labor. For this position, we’re currently only accepting applicants in European countries. Responsibilities ---------------- * Take on the challenge to improve our cloud solutions by creating new services and improving existing ones. * Reason and solve all the problems related to distributed cloud microservices, to ensure scalability, security, ease of access, and maintenance. * Collaborate with the data science team, developers, and artists to capture their needs and propose solutions. * Self-manage your work, document systems, report progress, and promote an active collaboration with other team members. Requirements ------------ * Very good English verbal and written communication skills. * Very good time management and organizational skills, and attention to detail. * Great problem-solving skills paired with the ability to present and discuss ideas and solutions. * 5+ years with: + Rest API and microservices development + .NET Core (C#), Python, Bash scripting + Cloud Platforms (eg. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc…): - Virtual Machines - Network Administration + Non relational DB (eg. MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch). + Relational DB (PostgreSQL, SQLite) + Technologies: - IP Tables - KVM * Experience with Linux * Experience with Docker and Kubernetes * Experience with GIT Considered as a plus -------------------- * Experience with these technologies: + KubeVirt + Zerotier + Rabbit MQ + NGINX + Node.js + Hardware Passthrough * Experience in object-oriented design and test-driven development. * Experience with CI/CD tools * Experience in leading projects * Experience in neural networks and computer vision Perks and Benefits ------------------ COMPANY RETREATS Our team goes on an all-expenses-paid trip every year simply to socialize. We're planning for Italy next year! VACATION TIME CVEDIA offers 4 weeks of paid vacation time per year, plus local holidays and paid sick days. STOCK OPTIONS All CVEDIA employees receive company stock options - so if the company does well, we all do well. 100% REMOTE TEAM Our team is global and located in 15+ countries across North America and the EU. Work from wherever you have a good internet connection! IMPROVEMENT-FOCUSED Our operations and management team focus on consistently improving CVEDIA through feedback. No feedback is left unattended - our employees are instrumental in shaping our company. FLEXIBLE WORK HOURS We focus on making your personal life as much of a priority as work is - we're focused on making the two compatible. Work with us to define your needs. COMPETITIVE SALARY We don't use remote work as an excuse to pay you less. Our salaries are competitive and based on experience! Our Values ---------- PASSION We need both energy and passion to develop cutting-edge AI. To succeed at CVEDIA, you’ll need to have a strong investment in both your career and the role of AI in the future of the planet. COMMITMENT CVEDIA has the opposite of a "quick-n-dirty" mentality. Every aspect of our technology has been meticulously built and is always the product of very hard work. AUTONOMY Carrying confidence in the work we do individually is required to work at the pace that we do as a team. Academic research, tutorials, and even creating our own solutions with our tools are all on the board during a regular day's work. JOY It's one of our greatest strengths to bring excitement to our workplace. We carry this energy into meetings, project planning, and our dedication to our work, and focus on work that feels meaningful. COMMUNICATION Honest discussions are imperative to the flow of work and ideas. Team members need to be able to effectively communicate complex ideas to those who don’t work in their field. It's a regular occurrence to spontaneously discuss plans and ideas with any team member on the fly, including our CEO or CTO. Each team member is respected equally and acts as a valuable contributor. RESPECT Anti-discriminatory company culture – we won’t discount you for things like age, ethnicity, or gender.