Sr. Backend Engineer at Hyper Online

Posted on: 05/19/2022

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#### About Hyper * [See some of Hyper's Studio Tools]( * [See a preview of our Discord Integration]( [Hyper]( (W21) lets anyone build a avatar on their phones and use it to make content. It's all controlled with motion capture right from your selfie camera. Pseudonymous founders use our avatars to communicate with their organizations while avatar live-streamers use us to record TikToks, live-stream, and make clips for their audiences without an expensive, multi-thousand-dollar PC setup. Avatars content creators are breaking into the multi-billion view category on places like YouTube & Twitch. We build the tools to bring that power to anyone with a smartphone. We believe avatar communication formats will be the medium from which the metaverse and augmented reality experiences emerge– and we're seeing numbers from all across the internet to support this thesis. #### Growth We soft-launched on iOS in December and have recently entered a growth streak, for the last few months we've had weeks of 100%+ WoW growth, and this month we've grown 500%+. We recently broke a key milestone of 100,000+ pieces of content captured on our platform. #### Team Hyper is currently 10 people, 6 full-time. We are an experience-led company with backgrounds in technology, fashion, graphics, and art. The team is fully remote, spreading from US to Asia to Europe, with a small cluster of folks in California. We all love media like video games, comics, and anime and want to build a company we personally find exciting at the intersection of social, augmented reality, and digital identity. What you'll do ============== As the first Sr. Backend Engineer, you'll be part of Hyper's early team designing and building one of the most exciting augmented reality social experiences around. Your responsibilities will include: * Plan, architect, and implement features in collaboration with other teams ranging from frontend client teams like iOS to product teams like Design. * Design new services from scratch to support the development of the application. * Communicate cross-functionally with well-written documents and presentations. * Maintain high code quality through code review, testing, documentation, and general software engineering best practicies. * Scale backend infrastructure as our platforms grow and needs arise. * Be responsible for the uptime and maintenance of the backend stack. #### Our Stack * Django Rest Framework / Python * Websockets via Pusher * Postgres #### Qualifications * 6+ years of software engineering experience, or an equivalent portfolio of personal works. * Experience with software engineering best-practices like testing, documentation, continuous integration. * Great written communication skills, capable of communicating cross-functionally with art, design, and more. * You're a self-starter with a strong product sense and know how to get the ball rolling. * You have a publicly visible portfolio of some kind, whether it be a blog or a prolific GitHub, or something else. * You have strong alignment with our values and want to make something exciting you can be proud of. #### Bonus * You already know our stack, and can get rolling with it fast. * You have prior hackathon experience (or equivalent personal portfolio experience). * You love interactive media like games, movies, and so-on.