Sales Engineer at Giant Swarm GmbH

Posted on: 06/15/2022

Location: Germany (REMOTE)

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Tags: kubernetes

Giant Swarm is a highly valued and respected player in the cloud-native space. By covering technology, operations, and evolution of cloud-native infrastructure around Kubernetes, companies like adidas, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and Shutterstock can move faster on their DevOps journey and accelerate their business growth through rapid software innovation. By offering a high-end service, customers are extremely happy and use us across more and more projects within their companies, fuelling our organic growth. As our offering is rooted in a highly complex technical area, we frequently interact and build relationships with technical people in the sales process. This starts from creating awareness, through educating various stakeholders to ensuring they understand the value and build trust in our company and offering. For this vital role, we are looking for an outgoing engineer, who loves guiding clients through highly complex and challenging decisions. ##### YOUR JOB * You pick up current trends, research them, and frequently communicate them at conferences, meetups, webinars, on social media, and internally. * You give technical presentations to potential customers, demos, and technical recommendations, and guide them along the decision process. * You provide engineering and cloud-native expertise to the entire demand generation and sales team. * You will liaise with internal account and platform engineering teams to raise awareness about customer requests, discuss answers with customers and constantly improve communicating the value the teams provide. * You will use your creativity to highlight and constantly evolve how we demonstrate what makes us special and what impact it has on our customers. ##### REQUIREMENTS * You are an engineer by heart who is curious, loves to learn, and is open to sharing knowledge and experience with the world. * You have worked either as a sales engineer or technical consultant for the last 3+ years or as a software/infrastructure engineer and would like to move into a highly interactive, outside-facing role. * You are great at explaining complex technical concepts and finding creative analogies to get a point across. * Ideally, you already have and love to give talks at conferences, meetups, or at customer sites - either remotely or on-site. * You’re experienced in working remotely and self-organization is a no-brainer. * We mainly target Central Europe and although our customer base is not limited to this area, your native German skills will be important. **Why you will like working with us** * Everyone is going cloud-native - eventually. We are seeing a steady increase in demand, the pandemic has accelerated adoption, Kubernetes has become the standard - and you will be right in the middle of it. * Our customers are extremely happy with us and would recommend us anytime. Join our monthly virtual customer evenings where everyone comes together and shares their experiences - and people often stay until after midnight. * We are a fully remote company and you are fully integrated - no matter where you live. * A startup attitude but profitable since 2017 and predominantly owned by founders and employees - so we control our own destiny. * We value when things get done and not how much time you work. “Away From Keyboard” is all we need to know. * Our onsites twice a year are legendary. * Fully transparent with no hierarchies - we share all numbers, all decisions and encourage participation on every level. * We love to learn - the more experience you have the better - but we hire for attitude more than for skills. * ##### ABOUT US **How working with Giant Swarm is like:** Every new team member changes the team. We love to learn from each other and we are looking for people who know things we don’t. * Becoming part of Giant Swarm means that, by extension, you also become part of the Cloud Native community. We actively contribute to upstream projects and our quarterly hackathons will give you space to work on out-of-the-box projects. Occasionally, when we, as a team, want to fully focus on one project, we scratch all meetings and routines for a certain time to better focus during our [hive-sprints]( * Continuous learning is important to us - we foster this through bi-yearly personal development talks, a budget for training/certifications/coaching as well as regular feedback talks and workshops. Our teams are cross-functional and collaboration is key. * Nothing crazy, but useful Basics: We don't count holidays but set a minimum number; You choose your own hard- and software; As a company that has almost, if not more, kids than employees, family-friendliness is crucial to us and paid parental leave is a no-brainer; We pay monthly perks that cover your costs for working remotely; We meet twice a year as an entire company and (if possible) see conferences as an important place to catch up with team members; We aim to be fully transparent (finance, salaries) unless it hurts people and trust you, based on this to make the best decisions We failed in exactly describing our way to approach important company elements that can be described with ‘buzzwords’ such as agile mindset, cross-functional teams, self-organization, value of the individual or trust & teamwork. However, we truly care about them, we live them and we constantly iterate on them. Some snippets about how we do this are posted in our [blog]( but by far not all of them. Important note: We are not hiring job descriptions. We hire humans. :) We welcome applications from everybody, regardless ethnic or national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or age.