Full Stack Software Engineer at Terra

Posted on: 04/20/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)

full time

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Tags: flask python aws

Have you ever thought of Spotify making song recommendations based on your heart rate ? Or Netflix doing movie recommendations based on your stress levels ? We are creating the **simplest API** to enable that reality to exist. **You are a builder, a doer, a learner.** **Infrastructure**. This involves work with AWS, API gateways, EC2, DB and websockets **Backend work**. This involves work on Python and Flask, to ship fast new features. **Frontend work**. This involves work on CSS, HTML, and web based solutions to interface the clients within apps. **Must haves.** -Must have done this before, or be willing to learn fast. -Must be fast. We operate at 200mph, and so do you. -Must be relentless. We never stop, so you are even faster than us. -Must have high standards. We think customers first and so should you. -Must be driven and go above and beyond. -Must be able to explain and communicate clearly. -Must be prepared to challenge us and disagree. We are thinking and acting as a team. -Must be able to work autonomously. -Must want to work hard. -Last but not least, you are genuinely a nice person. **Big plus** You are an athlete, or care about quantifying your data