Frontend & backend developers at Vendia

Posted on: 08/03/2021

Location: Remote, San Francisco/Bay, Seattle (ON-SITE)

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Tags: serverless node azure gcp lambda typescript react aws python graphql blockchain

The TLDR; about Vendia: We are building an easy to provision, use, & manage multi-party multi-party blockchain database & file storage system with the ability to write smart contracts in any runtime. Vendia is cofounded by Tim Wagner, creator of AWS Lambda. We've raised over $15 million in VC. We have several positions open at <> including: - Senior Backend / Core Engineer <> - Senior Backend / Core Engineer - Azure <> - Senior Backend / Core Engineer - GCP <> - Senior Full Stack Engineer - <> Our tech stack includes: All major cloud providers, Python, Node.js, AWS, Serverless, CDK, Lambda, GraphQL, Next.js, React, TypeScript. etc. Come and join us!