Software Engineering / Product Management / Research at HumanFirst

Posted on: 06/02/2021

Location: San Francisco, CA (REMOTE)

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Tags: typescript postgres aws react

HumanFirst is advancing remote patient monitoring by enabling the safe and effective use of connected sensors at home. We’ve just closed our Series A [0] and are rapidly growing the team to build out the next iterations of our products! We’re currently looking for more awesome Humans to join us across software engineering, product management, research, and more. We have a deep commitment as a team to always improve communication. Every team member has a user guide (check out mine [1]) and a personal tour of duty. We do a weekly all hands, have a monthly (optional) book club, have given everyone on the team an obligation to speak up, and somehow started doing regular 5K runs! Our tech stack is Typescript, React, and Postgres running in AWS. You can reach out to me directly about the roles - james[@]gohumanfirst[.]com - I’m happy to chat more about the various roles, our engineering culture, team culture, or whatever! Otherwise, apply via our careers page at <> [0]: []( [1]: <>