Senior Director of Audit at Enduring Retail Audit

Posted on: 11/13/2021

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**Senior Director of Audit Overview**Enduring Retail Audit is searching for a true one-of-a-kind Senior Director of Audit that has the chops and technical skills to review millions of rows of data and the soft skills that could put Oscar from The Muppets in a good mood. We want a seasoned, tech-savvy, and enterprising Senior Director of Audit to manage our small and nimble team in audits of large retailers. We’re looking for an absolute unicorn, someone with a deep auditing background that possesses the aforementioned technical skills, yet connects brilliantly with our clients and brings a communicative personality to any setting. The Senior Director of Audit has a mentality that matches our organizational mindset which is very much a blend of the traditional and the modern. We possess a 2021 tech-startup approach yet meticulously pore through our clients financial data like it’s 1999. The ideal candidate has spent part of their career in traditional auditing, yet also has worked in the tech world and is looking for a unique home that provides an opportunity to leverage this broad experience. To say the least, multiple years of experience living and breathing pricing audits with retail customers is crucial. The new hire must not only be skilled in “finding money” but passionate about the way our organization goes about finding that money. For you, each audit is a sort of yellow brick road, with the Oz at the end of it being greater returns for the firm than ever before. Additionally essential is being a total fanatic of Excel, as our entire software suite runs in Excel. If you spend more time in Excel than you do with your family, then you could be a perfect fit. If IF, INDEX, and MATCH are part of your preferred language, then you’ll be right at home. While macro and VBA development skills are not necessary, the ability to work with our Excel “developer” to identify key software improvements is. This role requires a special mix of someone that lives in the details, is willing to get their hands dirty, yet can manage the audit’s direction from a higher level. The next Senior Director of Audit will do a high-volume of auditing on their own, while also managing team members who work side-by-side on other portions of an audit. The reality is that while you will work in leadership with the General Manager, you will be spending much of your time auditing. Additionally, general technology experience is essential, as we are a fast-moving, fully-remote, digital team that uses a wide range of software in our daily operations. That could mean that you worked in a typical Silicon Valley tech company like Airbnb for a while, but it might instead mean that you are one of the best Fortnight players in your age demo. While these hard skills are important, ERA is also looking for someone that is personable and gets along well with our clients. We want a seasoned communicator that can build high-quality, long-term relationships. If you have any standing jokes about auditing or IA teams, please share them in your cover letter. At the outset, the role is all about the existing clientele and maximizing the value of our current audits. But the Senior Director will constantly be thinking about what is next, increasing the value in the current audits and working with the leadership team to find ways to generate new business. This is a fully remote position with out-of-this-world compensation if performance and results are also exceptional. Furthermore, we offer flexible hours, and great perks. Simply put, we want you to love this job and live your life the way you want, while delivering remarkable results in a team of super passionate people.