DevOps, SRE, PM, Tech Lead at Pure Storage

Posted on: 05/02/2022

Location: Prague (ON-SITE)

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Hello everyone, My name is Serhii, I've started at Pure Storage a few months ago to build Infrastructure Shared Services (ISS) organization from scratch. The org is responsible for managing the entire infra that we provide to our R&D engineers internally as a service. I'm looking to build approx. 30 engineers team with the following projects in mind: - Transforming the way we currently monitor and utilize our DCs and hardware in there; - Transforming the way we currently patch and upgrade tens of thousands of physical and virtual machines; - Centralize multiple services into one and move to cloud those we don't feel like hosting on-prem; - Adopt SRE principles to run new & existing applications internally and for our R&D colleagues; <Why Prague?> It's one of the most beautiful and comfortable for living cities in Europe, it's truly huge and international tech hub whee Pure Storage is actively growing its brand new R&D site: * We offer an above average salary compared to median in the IT domain on the local market; * We offer full relocation and visa support for you and your family; * We offer company stocks, private medical insurance, pension contribution and sport coverage with access to over 10,000 facilities around the city and nearby. * We'll get you a laptop, screens and peripherals you'll enjoy working on, and not suffer and swear :-) Also, Prague is a popular destination for expats from all over the world as a place with a better work-life balance. It is great if you relocate on your own (due to its variety of day and nightlife) and families with kids thanks to variety of local/international schools, decent health care system and amazing public transportation working 24x7 all over the city. <Why join our team?> - Excitement to join and contribute to building something from scratch in an amazing location. - I'm trying to build the most diverse team to work with. We've got ex-Googlers tired of bureaucracy, we've got PhDs in Quantum Computing and Robotics, we've got ex-professional triathlon athletes and a bunch of other folks with interests ranging from Japan literature to tasting every single beer in the world :-) - I've personally worked in big, medium and small companies, including running my own startup. I know how to build a place where you feel comfortable and respected, where engineers focus on engineering and not on bureaucracy. - Pure is a truly ambitious company trying to revolutionise data storage market. We are competing with titans like Dell, HP and IBM... and we are winning! <Where to apply> []( ISS and SRE are the keywords you're looking for... or just leave a note "For Serhii" when applying ;-)