DevOps Engineer - remote at Monogon

Posted on: 05/05/2021

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: yaml github kubernetes

Monogon (Nexantic GmbH) | REMOTE | Full-Time | Senior Software Engineer | 80-100k EUR/year gross (or more) Monogon, a fully remote, self-funded and engineer-led technology company, is hiring software engineers to work on Metropolis, an open source [1], secure, distributed cluster operating system based on Linux and Kubernetes. Metropolis runs on a fleet of bare metal or cloud machines and provides users with a hardened, production ready Kubernetes - without the overhead of traditional Linux distributions or configuration management systems. It does away with the scripting/YAML duct tape and configuration drift inherent to traditional deployments, and instead provides a stable, API-driven, secure and vendor-lock-in-free platform for companies to build their products upon. We're looking for senior candidates who can design, implement and verify complex systems that will make up part of Metropolis. We offer a kind and honest work environment in which we prioritize quality over quantity. You'll be the fourth member of a team working on an ambitious, industry-challenging product. Our ideal candidate is a generalist with deeper knowledge in one or more of the following areas: - Distributed systems; - Software engineering of systems built to last; - Security engineering, especially experience with secure boot chains; - Low-level programming and debugging (C, Linux Kernel, …); - Kubernetes, especially practical experience of running bare-metal production deployments; - Platform development, ie. running a 'Company A' style infrastructure/DevOps team [2]. Our codebase is mostly Go (including pid1!), so knowledge of the language is a plus, but not a requirement (given the seniority of the position, we expect any candidate to be able to ramp up on Go within a few weeks). To get in touch, email me at at [1] - <> [2] - <> From: <>