0-1 Founding PM for a New fashion Consumer Experience at Revery AI

Posted on: 04/25/2022

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Revery is launching a direct-to-consumer dressing room experience [public beta](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/style-space/id1535818149). We're looking for a founding PM who deeply understands fashion users to define roadmaps together and lead our product. You’ll have great autonomy and stake in the game. If you’re someone with big ambitions and are excited about building a new fashion consumer experience, this might be a special opportunity to realize your product vision and make an impact! About Revery AI: ---------------- Founded in October 2020, Revery AI Inc. is rebuilding the online fashion shopping experience. Its virtual dressing room allows shoppers to instantly visualize fashion products and outfits on a virtual avatar that resembles themselves. Powered by proprietary AI technology developed by the founding team, Revery’s solution can produce high quality virtual try-on images instantly. Revery’s experience will soon be live on some of the largest fashion retailers, like Neiman Marcus. Revery’s vision is to build personalized and engaging fashion experiences by helping people imagine themselves in their best-looking outfits. We see greater opportunities leveraging our core technology to build a new fashion consumer experience. We are backed by YCombinator, TSVC, Cabra VC, and other amazing angels with retail experience and connections. Join us to reshape the future of the fashion experience! What you'll be doing at Revery AI: ---------------------------------- You are going to work with our founders to build this consumer experience from 0 to 1. Start by defining the customer segment we would focus on, identify and communicate with early users, determine what features to prioritize on and iterate. You’ll work alongside engineers and designers to quickly iterate on the product and test different hypotheses. Early on, you may also take responsibility for finding early users, running small scale campaigns and user communities, until we hire a dedicated marketing role. An Ideal Candidate: ------------------- * Fashion must be part of your life! You probably have the habit of consuming fashion content on a regular basis, shop a lot (online or offline) and have a group of fashion friends. * You have experience leading a consumer product, ideally an early stage product. * You’re familiar with different types of fashion users and have a good sense of what excites them. * You understand how to talk to users and validate hypotheses efficiently. * You are excited about building your own product/company one day and are not held back by challenges and uncertainties. * You are scrappy and results driven. What you’ll get out of it: -------------------------- * You will get a lot of stake in the game as a founding PM (more than an early employee would get). * You will have the autonomy to make ambitious plans and see them happen. * You will work closely with the founders and be part of the journey. Process: -------- We don’t have a formal interview process for this role, but we want to thoroughly understand your stories and what motivates you moving forward. We are looking for someone exceptional and with a lot of passion in what we're building. If you think this opportunity is exciting and you may have the right kind of experience, please talk to us!