Senior Frontend Engineer at Ikon Science

Posted on: 07/01/2021

Location: London, UK ONSITE or REMOTE +/-4 GMT (ON-SITE)

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Tags: redux javascript jest ux typescript react

At Ikon Science we're pushing the boundaries of data visualization and exploration of well and wellbore data, especially in the browser. On the Curate product team we're creating a full suite of applications to help scientists and operators discover, visualize, and understand their data. We publicly launched Curate in May, and it's a greenfield project where we get to leave legacy behind and focus on what works for modern software dev. So far we've created: * data-heavy charts rendering at 60FPS * interactive 3D visualizations of seismic data * all tied back to GIS views of data on a map We need to fill our growing team with a Senior Frontend Engineer who loves creating stellar data-heavy web experiences, with an eye for good UI/UX, a deep level of JavaScript expertise, and the ability to help mentor and train up a team through their experience, code review participation, and improptu mentoring skills. Our tech stack: * JavaScript / TypeScript * React.js * Redux * ArcGIS * Jest and Cypress If you have expertise in some but not all of those that's fine, the highest preference is to solid React.js and JavaScript experience--we'll help you level up on everything else! We're all *staying* remote because we're scattered across the UK (and even me in the US), but there's an office in London where you are welcome to gather if you enjoy that work/life separation. You can find the job page at [1], and you are more than welcome to email me questions or your CV by including "[HN]" in the subject (jlyman@ our company domain, see the link above). Can't wait to work with you! [1] [](