Founding Full Stack Software Engineer at MutableAI

Posted on: 04/23/2022

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Tags: vscode jupyter rust github haskell aws python ml typescript

As Founding Full Stack Software Engineer you will be the first hire working alongside the founder. You should be extremely motivated by our mission and relish the challenge of finding PMF on the ground floor of a YC and venture backed startup. You will have the opportunity to create a highly performant technology stack deployed across multiple channels (Jupyter, VSCode, GitHub, PyCharm, etc) that accelerates programming velocity for developers everywhere. Once our product is available in multiple channels (especially your favorite IDE), dogfooding the product will become an essential component of the role and one that will help us achieve PMF faster. You do not need to know any machine learning but should have a strong desire to learn more on the job working alongside our Founder and CEO, who is an Ex-DeepMind Researcher, Google SWE, Siri ML Engineer, and Theoretical Physicist. Requirements ------------ * Extremely effective, self-driven builder * 5+ years of experience building and owning a complete end-to-end technology stack (Frontend + Backend + Cloud + CI/CD) * 3+ years of Python and Typescript familiarity * 1+ years of AWS experience * Strong product sense and customer centric mindset * Strong remote working communication skills * Comfortable with meta-programming (ASTs, macros, etc) or have a strong desire and ability to learn Bonus ----- * Familiarity with Machine Learning * Familiarity with Rust or Go * Familiarity with a functional programming language (eg Haskell)