Racer is Hiring for Growth at Racer

Posted on: 05/29/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)


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Racer (YC S20) delivers food in 15-minutes or less. We launched in NYC, delivering hot coffee, boba, smoothies, Italian, American, Asian cuisine to our customers! We believe that food delivery as it is BROKEN. Customers get cold, soggy food. Restaurants get endless complaints about slow delivery times. We are hiring a growth / marketing / partnerships candidate IN-PERSON in NYC who can help with our marketing efforts, starting with a part-time consulting basis -- with the opportunity to turn into a full-time role. Responsibilities are below: * Responsible for overseeing cost-effective customer acquisition * Construct playbook to ramp up customers for each new location, experimenting with online and offline channels, referrals + product led channels, in-person flyering, virtual brand marketing on delivery platforms, generating UGC by working with content creators, overseeing a brand ambassador program, partnerships with local businesses * Anything else that helps us get customers cost effectively