Full-stack JavaScript Engineer at Amy.app

Posted on: 01/03/2022

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Tags: moment express typescript nosql vue nodejs react javascript angular python postgresql

Amy.app is an digital private tutor for math that makes learning math easy for everyone. She does this by giving students feedback and automatically filling their knowledge gaps as they solve problems. We are a well funded New Zealand startups with about 20 employees (3 people code at the moment). We target enterprise companies to use Amy.app as their "brain" behind the teaching. To facilitate that, we try to build everything around reusable APIs so partners can built their own experience on top of Amy.app. Since we are an education company, we are happy to educate Juniors to become Seniors. Stack: Typescript React, Nodejs, Express, Firebase-Firestore (NoSql), PostgreSQL Requirements: - Experience with modern JavaScript (uni/private projects are fine) - Experience with some backend language/framework: Nodejs/express, python/flash, etc. - Understanding of basic web technologies and web behaviours (eg.: HTML, REST-API, etc.) - Knowledge of Computer Science fundamentals. In particular graphs and trees algorithms. Nice to have - Experience with any modern JavaScript Framework (React, Vue, Angular, ...) - Experience with testing frameworks (Frontend/Backend, unit/integration) - Experience working on a remote-first/ distributed teams - Enjoys Mathematics or a similar problem space Please, include your CV or links to your projects. As well as a salary expectation (each country/person has a different expectation).