Full-time Data Scientist – Natural Language Processing at Equinor

Posted on: 05/03/2021

Location: Norway, Stavanger (ON-SITE)

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Tags: nlp tensorflow spark python spacy ml pytorch scipy numpy hadoop

We realize that to succeed in the global energy future our organisation needs to improve learning from our data and make better decisions. Natural Language Processing (NLP) now enables knowledge extraction and systematic learning from unstructured data that previously was not possible. Our NLP expert team develops and maintains core NLP technologies and algorithms, language models and NLP pipelines to be used for efficient information retrieval and knowledge extraction. This includes applying recent technology advances in innovative ways to solve business challenges that cannot be solved with traditional technologies. Qualifications • PhD or Master’s in data science, Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics or equivalent fields • Experience developing and productizing real-world AI/ML applications such as prediction, personalization, recommendation, optimization and content understanding • Experience in ML/AI product development and iterative work: from data generation/collection to visualization and explain ability. • Experience working with any of the following machine learning frameworks / libraries: sklearn, tensorflow, Pytorch, numpy, scipy, spacy • Preferred experience within NLP, semantic technologies and graph technology with understanding of fundamental linguistic and grammatical concepts and their use in NLP applications • Preferred experience working with large data sets using open-source technologies such as Spark, Hadoop, and Solr/elastic search • Coding skills in Python, experience with containerization and micro-services development • Good communication skills • Relevant experience may compensate for formal qualifications. • 5-7 years of relevant experience preferred. Apply here: <https://nordictechjobs.com/posts/606>