C# Unity Program... you know what, how about you click me... at Those Awesome Guys

Posted on: 04/14/2021

Location: remote (REMOTE)

full time

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Well hello there, I see you have fallen for my trap... this because you already are an awesome programmer, so let's make you an awesome programmer working on a team on an awesome game! Ok, too many "awesomes", I'll tone it down a bit... I paid $450 fucking dollaridoos on this post so I might as well take advantage of it :D So here's the thing, we should work together... But before that... Hi, I'm Nick, the founder of a little game development "studio" composed out of people from all over the world called "[**Those Awesome Guys**](https://www.thoseawesomeguys.com)" We are a bunch of weirdos working from our living rooms on our own schedule trying to make experimental games in the process. We're looking for an - awesome - Unity programmer to fill in a full-time paid spot for an unannounced title (you see, things sound much more professional if you say "unannounced"). That being said, [**check out what we worked on before**](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG58a6GgIu3z-NlTeDetXuA/videos) **What we're looking for** -------------------------- We are working on a top down combat & management focused game running on C# and we are looking for you to join the team so you can help us with gameplay programming, while also creating tools & systems for designers to tweak things. **Requirements** ---------------- * C# * Knowing Unity in and out * Gameplay programming while creating tidy systems * A deep passion for keeping things running at high framerates * Good naming practices **Bonus points (in form of monies) for:** ----------------------------------------- * Game\Level Design interests * Ability to put up with our sense of humor * Keeping your code clean and nicely documented **Summary** ----------- * Spot: Unity Programmer * Type: Full-Time * Location: Remote work (online) * Duration: Indefinite (you get to keep your soul) * Payment: Email me for more details **Contact** ----------- If you are interested in the spot, shoot me an email at [welackahrdepartment@thoseawesomeguys.com](mailto:welackahrdepartment@thoseawesomeguys.com) We don't really care about diplomas or other pieces of paper, we like to see actual projects you've worked on. So as a famous floating space head once said = "SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT" = Looking forward to seeing those Emails and PM's :D Keep being awesome! ~ Nicolae Berbece (Xelu) Those Awesome Guys