QA Analyst - Remote (European timezones) at Talarian

Posted on: 10/14/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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We are hiring a QA analyst to help us make our product [Awesome Table]( even more awesome by making sure that it works as users expect it. Our applications consist of multiple artifacts: Google Workspace add-ons, traditional web apps, marketing websites. Add-ons in particular live inside Google products, and as such represent an interesting challenge for a tester. **Your responsibilities:** * Design test plans and test cases for new and existing features. Try to break our product in every possible way so that we can make it bulletproof * Execute manual test cases * Ensure the product meets user acceptance criteria * Plan and coordinate testing activities around releases * Incorporate tests into the software engineering process (Jira, build, release) * Identify, report and track products defects * Help in root cause analysis for products issues **You:** * You have a passion for quality assurance and strong attention to details, you don’t let things slip through the cracks easily * You think adversarially, and like to try to break things: the first thing you’ll try when you see a form is inserting special characters or an SQL injection * You are relentless, and not afraid of repeating the same tests many times * You embrace the [Modern Testing principles]( * You’re a team player **Your qualifications:** * **Experience**: 2+ years as a QA analyst preferably on SaaS products. Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes * **Cloud**: you have experience with one of the 3 main cloud platforms. Bonus points for GCP and serverless experience * **Project tracking tools:** proficiency with spreadsheets, Github, Jira and other typical software engineering tools * **Language**: fluent English * **Writing**: you enjoy writing, you care about words and grammar, you are sharp and thorough **Benefits (subject to change depending on where you live):** * Good compensation that gives you financial peace of mind, wherever you live * 30 days of paid time off including national holidays * Medical, dental, and vision insurance (depending on the type of contract) * Paid parental leave **How to apply:**We want to get a sense of how you write and think. To that end, please write an email that covers at least the following: * Tell us why you want this job, and why our products are interesting to you * Tell us about an interesting/challenging test case you had to build * Include a link to something you're proud of having written online (or copy/paste if not public - we won't share) Working with us requires a lot of writing/communicating, so please use your application to show off those skills. Send to the email address indicated on WWR. **Interview process:** 1. We will first ask you a few targeted questions to be answered by email so as to get acquainted with you in writing. 2. If that goes well, we’ll send you a technical test. 3. You’ll then move on to an interview with a Lead QA Engineer 4. Finally, an interview with the CTO. We can’t wait to hear from you! our