Site Reliability Engineer - remote at ActiveState

Posted on: 06/10/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: perl elm kubernetes python haskell graphql

ActiveState | Remote (North America) | Full Time | <> ActiveState is solving dependency hell, inconsistent environments, and secure supply chains for open source software. We're looking for developers enthusiastic about developer tooling and productivity to build a platform developers love. If you've ever thought "It should be easier to get a Python environment up and going" or "Why am I spending so much time chasing npm dependencies" or even "Where are all the places we have log4j running", you know the problems we're solving! We're a polyglot team, so you'll regularly find Go, Python, Elm, Haskell, and Perl. To learn more about who we are, please see our careers page: <> We're always hiring great developers. Right now, I'd like to fill two positions: * Developer Tooling/SRE/DevOps. This position is responsible for the reliability, availability, and productivity of our underlying platform. If automating Kubernetes in the cloud, shaving minutes off of deployments, and ensuring that ephemeral and hermetic build environments are safe, secure, and quick sound like interesting problems, let's talk! <> * Elm/Front-End Development. If you like functional programming, solving user interface problems for users, microservices, and GraphQL, let's talk! (If you love Elm or Haskell, let's definitely talk!) <> From: <>