Smart Contract and Blockchain Engineer at H2O

Posted on: 06/28/2022

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Tags: rust web3 blockchain javascript ethereum python solidity

What is H2O? ------------ H2O is the first non-pegged stable asset for the Web3 Data Economy and will soon become the first data-backed stable asset in the world. We are passionate about our role in this nascent industry and are looking for people who are enthusiastic about the shift from Web2 to Web3 and the myriad of impacts that this shift enables. Incubated by New Order DAO and lead by a team of experienced Data and DeFi professionals, H2O is well positioned to be the de facto medium of exchange of what may become a trillion dollar economy by 2027. Our vision is to pioneer the data-backed stable coin space, effectively turning data into a new asset class that can flow across all of DeFi. We believe that this is a major catalyst for a Web3 Data renaissance. If you are passionate about decentralization and contributing to the expansion of the Web3 Data economy, we hope you apply to join us. Job description: ---------------- You will join a team of DeFi and blockchain natives to design the world’s first decentralized data-backed stable asset. ### Responsibilities: At H2O you will be expected to: * Develop new DataFi mechanisms. * Understand and be able to fork and improve other DataFi and DeFi protocols. * Modify and extend existing Solidity smart contracts. * Deploy smart contracts. * Unit and Integration testing of smart contracts. * Deploy off-chain services and/or nodes. ### Experience: * Solidity or Rust experience is a must. Web3 experience is a plus. * 1-2 years experience working with Ethereum. * Must be able to work independently. * Deep understanding of blockchain fundamentals (smart contracts, web3, DAOs). * Experience with scripting languages like python, JavaScript, etc. * Knowledgeable about smart contract security and best practices (e.g. design patterns). * Should be familiar with DeFi concepts in general, and the operations of major protocols ### Nice to have: * Experience forking DeFi protocols * Some DevOps experience would be an asset * Financial programming and/or mathematics ### Benefits * Competitive compensation * Bonus token compensation * Flexible working hours * Remote ### Start Date: * ASAP ### Want to apply? Send your resume to @Okarin\_eth on Twitter.