Full Stack Developer at Kodify Media Group

Posted on: 11/12/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: grpc express qa node typescript mongodb redis unix docker kubernetes graphql aws javascript react jira

**Who are we, and why are we hiring?** We're based on over 15 years of success, producing world-class video content and building, developing, and managing a number of **high-traffic websites**. Our success is down to Kodify's distinct [**teamwork,**](https://kodify.io/team/) where each and every one of us plays a key role in getting us one step closer to our goals. **Our award-winning content** and websites are created exclusively by us and directly for the use of **millions of users worldwide.** At [**Kodify**](https://kodify.io/), we **love tech and are always thinking about what’s next!** R&D and optimizations are part of our spirit. We work hard on consistently maintaining the highest level of professionalism. The video streaming industry has been growing a lot since last year and as a result, we need to expand our team to release the great ideas we’ve in mind. **What will you do?** You’ll help to evolve a platform that supports close to **100M unique visitors a month**. Improving areas such as: * Create, maintain and evolve Server and Client-side applications. Mainly in **Javascript (React** at frontend) and **Typescript** (we’re adopting it). * End-to-end responsibility from **technical design to development and testing**. We have a dedicated QA team and we really care about testing. * Work with Designers and Product Owners to ensure they understand possibilities/limitations. * Always work towards **minimizing page load time / API response times**. With the best tools available to ensure you’ve full visibility: Metrics, Distributed Tracing, and ATM. * Become a **valued team member**, providing feedback about tech, development lifecycle, and processes. * Take **ownership** of your code/task/role. * **Be proud of what you achieve,** and of the product, and be one of the driving forces behind always making it better. * When you cock-up - own-up! (**We don’t do blame-storming here!**) **Where and when:** ***From wherever you want,*** the position is **fully remote** in the EU. We’re very flexible about when you get your work done, but we do have some **core hours** where we like to overlap in order to promote collaboration and low-latency communication between team members (***10:00 to 15:00 CET***). * Our daily **virtual stand-ups are important** for us but other than that, you’re free to manage your own time. **What we offer:** * **Fully remote** position or, if preferred, working in our awesome Barcelona office! * **Agile** environment * **Top-notch** tech stack! * Upskill Fridays! Developers **take time on Fridays to improve your skills**, learn and research new trends that will allow us to level up our stack and processes * **Hackathons** every 6 months! * **Flexible working hours** + core hours! * **10% on top of your salary for learning and development** - of your choice! * **Latest tech equipment** * Company **Amazon book account!** * Kodify **off-sites,** quarterly **on-sites, events**, and team activities! * **Amazing international team!** * **½ day off on your birthday** * **Health insurance** * Generous **vacation and personal days** * **1 month paid sabbatical** after 3 years * Extended **parental leave** * **Health & Wellness** budget * **Cellphone reimbursement** for eligible employees **We’re looking for someone with the following profile:** * A team player who likes to help others and find solutions together * You’ll be joining one of our teams responsible for certain areas of the company. They will be supporting you in any form. * You’ll do coding in **JavaScript and TypeScript** * Be very familiar with the **Node.js ecosystem** in terms of profiling and **debugging tools.** * You’re very comfortable with **Unix tools.** * **Testing**. This is critical for you and us, as we used to lack in that area in the past and suffered the consequences. * Measuring. **Data-driven decisions** are the best ones. * You have a real ***‘Can Do’*** work ethic - We are results-based, not clock-based! * Your sense of humor will bring a new dynamic to the team - you love to have fun while you work! * **HTML/CSS** * **MongoDB** **We also value experience in some of the following:** React ***** Next.js ***** GraphQL ***** Microservices architecture ***** gRPC/ZeroMQ ***** Redis ***** Express ***** We value open source projects ***** Experience in High traffic websites and his needs ***** Docker / Kubernetes / AWS ***** Video streaming technologies / Web playback tools (VideoJS) ***** Understanding of Agile principles ***** Experience with Git and JIRA ***** Experience working remotely