Senior Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer at Institute of OM

Posted on: 06/04/2022

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Tags: sidekiq jquery aws elasticsearch tailwind rails postgres

We are looking for a good-natured, full-time, full-stack Rails developer to build an awesome new Rails 7 app with us. This app is being planned and built by a long-term Rails veteran (16 years+), and we are looking for good company. This is a web-based, mobile-focused app for the meditation practice Orgasmic Meditation ( We're looking for a serious (but not too serious!) developer who can hold their weight and help move the project forward quickly. If Rails is not your day-in-day-out tool of choice, if you have not been building with it for 5+ years, if you do not know every corner of it inside and out, this may not be the job for you. This is for our MVP launch, so there is great opportunity for longer-term work, if there is a good team fit and you have the chops. We want serious candidates only: - Who live and work in the US - Who can work regular, predictable hours - Who can interview on video so that we know you're a real human! - Have multiple references - Can show code that you yourself wrote Requirements: - 5+ years experience developing Rails applications - Backend: Postgres, Elasticsearch, AWS, Sidekiq - Caching: Best practices - Frontend: Tailwind, jQuery, HTML, Turbo - Testing: Strong test/spec practice (practical, not exhaustive) Work Availability - 30-40 hours per week for 1-2 months, possibly longer Work Environment - We are a fun group who loves what we do - We work hard and we move fast - We love a simple, clean, “nothing extra” approach to products and development - You would work with our CTO, a 16+ year Rails veteran - We will hold 1-on-1 standup meetings - Work is remote only - Availability over weekends for production support is a bonus