Product designer at Flexpa

Posted on: 06/02/2022

Location: Remote (US and Canada) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: origami figma tailwindcss ux

Flexpa is the fastest way for your digital health app to connect to new Patient Access APIs. Support linking sources of data from Medicare, individual & family, and employer group plans from Unitedhealthcare, Anthem, Humana, and more. If you join us in 2022 you will be an early team member and help us shape decisions about what we are building and why, who we hire, and company culture. Our pitch to you: Flexpa is working in a hard space that matters to everyone. We are all future or previous patients in the healthcare system. Access to care is personal. Flexpa has experienced founders. We've founded two YC companies. * Flexpa has support from world-class technologists, investors, and healthcare practitioners. * Flexpa has a culture of calm, respect, and a "put the shopping cart back" mentality. Product designers on the team will: * Design user experiences (UX) for both (1) patients who use systems that integrate with Flexpa and (2) the health care tech teams that create those integrations * Design user interfaces (UI) for patient access including especially for Flexpa Login * Advocate and build for a11y * Be a technical contributor too - by writing CSS and helping us systematically manage product design with hybrid tools like TailwindCSS and Storybook * Get to choose their trade tools (Figma, Origami, or Framer) * Value clear written communication