UX/UI Designer at KNIME

Posted on: 04/30/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)

full time

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We are looking for the right people to join our well-funded, growing open source company and to help us continue building exciting technology that makes our users happy. If you are a **UX Designer** and think you would be a great fit, apply to join our team in **Berlin** or **Konstanz*** (on-site or hybrid). ### Who are you? In addition to enjoying working in an interactive, sometimes a tad chaotic, but fun team (or so we think), what we expect from you is that: * Your approach to designing is to build something to solve the problem from the user perspective – where did the user come from and where are we trying to point her next. * You have several years (3+) of experience building complex websites or software products. * You have an eye for design details, balancing high-quality work with timeliness. * You have a good understanding of design processes, usability principles, and UX best practices. * You have a genuine interest (and preferably experience) in the software, tech, and start-up space in which we operate. * You are proficient in the use of common UX and design tools (e.g., Sketch, Figma, or equivalent tools) for building user flows, wireframes, and interactive prototypes. ### What’s the job? Put simply: You’ll take an important role in shaping the UX. This involves the continued evolution of KNIME Hub (our community platform for sharing and collaboration, check it out [here](https://hub.knime.com/)), KNIME Server (our commercial enterprise environment), and bringing KNIME Analytics Platform into the cloud/browser. Day-to-day, you can expect to: * Transform complex technical ideas into clear user flows and user interfaces with a straightforward outcome. * Contribute actively to the projects as described above and ensure the “consistency” of all our UX and UI elements (like buttons, descriptions, error messages …). * Apply user research methods to discover opportunities to improve the product UX. * Collaborate closely with product management, the design team, and our developers to build rich, end-to-end user experiences. ### What’s KNIME? KNIME helps individuals and organizations make sense of data. The core software provides a single intuitive environment, appropriate for anybody working with data, from the analyst to the data scientist. For business and domain experts, KNIME Software serves as a no-code platform, lifting the ceiling beyond spreadsheets and BI. For data experts, KNIME Software serves as a low-code platform, giving them access to the widest range of tools and techniques available with or without coding. The platform is complemented by enterprise-grade features that facilitate collaboration and deployment via secure apps and services. By bridging the worlds of dashboards and advanced analytics, KNIME shortens the distance between data and action. KNIME Software empowers more business experts to be self-sufficient and more data experts to push the business to the bleeding edge of modern data science, integrating the latest AI and Machine Learning techniques. KNIME is distinct in its open approach, which ensures easy adoption and future-proof access to new technologies. *Though we are happy to have applicants from further away, we’re not offering relocation benefits for this position.