Senior Developer at WisePops

Posted on: 09/23/2021

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Wisepops is looking for a senior developer to join our team as we're building the first platform dedicated to on-site marketing. Check out our team, product and culture at and The company ----------- Wisepops’ mission is to help brands connect with their audience better. We’re building tools that serve a more vibrant, engaging and personalized commerce experience for everyone. We have two products: Wisepops and Wisp. Our first product, Wisepops, helps marketers design and publish beautiful and contextual popups and bars. Wisepops is used by 1,500+ organizations around the world, including Unilever, Greenpeace, Virgin, and Postmates. Wisp helps brands build relationships with their visitors leveraging the power of on site notifications. Both tools are part of the same soon to be launched marketing platform. Started in 2020, it already counts 100 ecommerce client companies. The company was founded in 2013 by Ben. We bootstrapped the company from $0 to $1M annual revenue in five years and doubled two years later. No VC involved. We are a team of 15 who joined from Amazon, Shopify, and Revolut and we were fully remote before it was cool. Responsibilities ---------------- * Help us develop our new platform and maintain our existing apps * Challenge technical implementation * Follow coding best practices * Manage the technical debt Expectations ------------ * Deep knowledge of Laravel or React * Autonomy, we will not micromanage you * Responsibilities, you will ship code to production * Fullstack skills are a plus, you will be able to work on both side * Fluent in English Working culture --------------- * We have been very intentional about creating our own work culture. Having no investors and being funded 100% by our customers help keep our focus on what matters. * We don’t have a foosball table or free sushi in our office. We don’t even have an office 😅. We don’t think happiness at work is just about fun perks like a teambuilding event in Barcelona (pronounced “Barthelona” to sound cool). * Many of us came from Big Tech companies and got tired of large structures, top-to-bottom decisions, micromanagers, and BS week-over-week analysis. * We think happiness at work comes from human relationships, growth opportunities, and mindset. What does working at Wisepops look like? ---------------------------------------- **Think of it as a team** In a team, there is no manager to tell you what to do. Everyone is bringing some expertise, knowledge, and skills that are unique. Then, it is up to the team to learn how to play and win together. No one has the final word because of their tenure, title, or seniority. **made of super stars** Because we have no managers, we need autonomous people who know what to do or know how to find the answer when they don’t. We expect each team member to be a leader in their field and we trust them. **who work when and where they want** We are grown ups and trust each other. We don’t need someone to tell us when and where to work. Each person at Wisepops is empowered to find their best work-life balance and work environment. Yes, we were fully remote before it was cool. **to build something big** We have gathered truly impressive people to achieve very ambitious goals. We’re not here to build a successful startup. We’re here to build an amazing company. We think the key is to be 100% focused on our customers. We exist because of them. **while enjoying the ride** We’re humans and we want to have fun with the people we work with. Life is too short to get bored or play the political game. Be sure to mention the words **CLIMB BEEF BULB** when applying to show you read the job post completely. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants. Salary and compensation ======================= $70,000 — $100,000/year Location ======== 🌏 Worldwide