Senior Web 3 Front-End Developer at DXdao

Posted on: 06/17/2022

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Tags: web3 blockchain ethereum ux typescript react

DXdao is a decentralized collective that builds and governs DeFi protocols. Founded in 2019, DXdao’s product suite includes: * Swapr, a governance-enabled multi-chain AMM with custom liquidity mining rewards creation and best-price trading features * Carrot, a platform for community-driven programmable token incentives * DXvote, a governance platform for DAOs made by a DAO. Reputation, token voting and holographic consensus * Omen, a leading prediction markets platform DXdao is an entirely on-chain organization. Everything from hiring decisions to product updates happen via on-chain proposals through its community-driven governance system, based on holographic consensus. DXdao is building a suite of Web3 products. As such, it heavily relies on the technical expertise of Web3 developers with solid knowledge of building dApps on top of Ethereum. We are looking for a skilled **Senior Web3 Front-End Developer** to join us at DXdao! What you should be interested in doing: --------------------------------------- * Interested in DeFi and solving complex problems (a background in finance/STEM preferred) * Collaborating with others on writing, testing, and deploying maintainable code that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain * Contributing to full-stack software development with an emphasis on front-end work * Developing responsive web interfaces * Ensuring the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs * Optimizing front-end code for performance and scalability * Working with designers to create pixel-perfect representations of visual comps DXdao is looking for: --------------------- * A DAO/DeFi enthusiast who believes in the power of decentralization * An independent, self-starter who is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment * A developer with solid experience in React (Typescript) and its ecosystem * A developer who can write maintainable, high quality code * Someone who has the ability to work in Agile environment (Scrum) * A developer who can implement SOLID principles of SWE * A contributor with excellent written and verbal communication skills What we offer: -------------- * A competitive and transparent salary system that governs all DXdao contributors * A global community * A flexible remote working policy and working schedules * Stipends to travel to and attend Ethereum gatherings around the world