Senior Backend Engineer (PHP) at Castor

Posted on: 04/20/2021

Location: Amsterdam (ON-SITE)

full time

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Tags: github php jenkins mysql ansible docker

**What you’ll do** At Castor our stack,’s stacked! With PHP at its heart, our world comprises of (not limited to) PHP7, ZF 2/3, Github, Doctrine 2, Jenkins, Docker, MySQL, Ansible, ReactJS, Tideways, and NewRelic to realize our vision, ensuring our products and tools embrace the frontier of innovation: * Designing, ‘debugging’ and writing code for a growing network of medical researchers * Analyzing performance data and optimizing bottlenecks to ensure we maintain our growth * Deconstructing user requirements to model optimal, scalable, solutions * Working on automated toolchains to construct and integrate our applications * Collaborating with and mentoring engineers, championing their technical growth **What you’ll bring** A repertoire of coding comprehension! Being a savvy and seasoned software engineer, you’ll know how to decrypt and improve legacy code whilst keeping yourself abreast of current trends: * Extensive practical experience with PHP, design patterns, OOP, and automated tests * Experience in scaling up cloud-based applications * A coding consortium of knowledge, being able to build new, globally scaling features * A positive approach to mentoring and supporting others in their development **What you’ll learn** It’s a crucial time for Castor. We’re on ‘full power mode’ and scaling-up at an exponential rate. For you, the opportunities are endless: * How to build robust ‘bulletproof’ security which protects patients medical data * To share your ideas openly and influence the growth of a true scale-up company * Be involved in maximizing the impact of medical research and improving healthcare **What you'll get** At Castor we truly live and breathe our core value, believing we can 'achieve anything with a healthy and happy team.' With this in mind, we offer the following benefits: * A flexible and remote working opportunity (we also have an office in Amsterdam) * A competitive salary and a guaranteed 'happy holidays' bonus * Investing in our talent with a strong Employee Stock Option Plan * 30 days annual leave (plus additional national holidays) * Interested in lifelong learning? You’ll love using our development and training budget! * Flexible approach to working - nobody is tracking your time except you. * A new MacBook or Dell laptop, we’re a tech start-up after all ;) * Like to feel zen? You’ll love our company subscription to Calm for meditation and yoga *To make medical research smarter and faster, and build top-notch products to support decentralized clinical trials, we pay close attention to **diversity & inclusion** in Castor’s Product and Engineering teams. You can learn more from our Team Lead **[Roxana](** and Software Engineer **[Luciana](** Interviews on how they experience working at Castor and their thoughts on D&I challenges.*