Senior Front End React Developer (Project Lead) at DOTDOT

Posted on: 04/20/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: node typescript react

We are seeking a senior front-end React developer (3+ years) ready to take a lead role in a remote team. You will be working on a best-in-class virtual events platform that services arts institutions and world-leading brands. Our ideal candidate will have taken a lead role in the development of one or more SAAS platforms. They will care deeply about the end-user experience, and be interested in the intersection of gaming and web technologies. This role can be a mixture of remote and working from our office in Auckland, and reports to our CTO. A remote candidate may be interested in eventually relocating to New Zealand and be looking for a full-time job offer as part of the visa application process. **What you’ll do:** * Define scope to build out modules and core features for an MMORPG for virtual events * Collaborate with other developers, game designers, artists and producers to ideate and build out new features for the core platform * Create custom modules on quick turnaround projects for world-leading artists and brands * Help upskill less senior developers **Required experience:** * TypeScript * React **Useful experience:** * Multiplayer networking * WebRTC * Node.js * SAAS update management & deployment