Software Engineer with DevOps skills (d/*/f/m) // Cornelsen eCademy & inside GmbH at Cornelsen eCademy

Posted on: 03/18/2021

Location: Berlin, Germany (ON-SITE)

full time

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Tags: sentry heroku node typescript redis s3 rds postgresql circleci angular aws react

IMPORTANT: *tl;dr: We’re looking for a capable team player joining our 16-people-4-countries product team as a software engineer. Interest in DevOps is a requirement, experience a plus.* Our product team at Cornelsen eCademy & inside GmbH is building a set of web apps supporting vocational training. All infrastructure is managed by a highly autonomous dev team and we’re looking for a new colleague strengthening our team with some extra DevOps skills or interests. The team’s responsibilities lies in maintaining and improving the product as well as our cloud infrastructure. As individual members, depending on our interests and skills, we take part in product discovery, backlog refinement, testing/coding/code review/releasing as well as in improving our continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines (like: trying to shave off another 2-4 minutes to get time-to-production below 10 minutes) , general observability and monitoring. Development is test-driven and most of our work takes place in two-week sprints with retrospectives, forward-thinking and no-blame taken seriously. While we’d appreciate you relocating to Berlin, it’s not a requirement as we’re already working across multiple countries, using a remote-first setup (Slack/Zoom/Mural) which allows for flexible working hours as long as they have enough overlap with 10am-3pm Berlin time (UTC+1) - we prefer pair/mob programming for most tasks. This requires fluent English and good communication skills in general, both within the product team as well as with non-technical colleagues. As other teams in the company are German speaking, any knowledge or interest in learning German is a plus but not required. With respect to the **tech stack**, it’s mainly TypeScript (Node.js, Angular and React) while **infrastructure**/observability/monitoring entails PostgreSQL (Amazon RDS), Redis, Heroku, AWS S3, CircleCI, Sentry, Honeycomb and AWS CloudWatch. If the above (plus free choice of OS and hardware, within reasonable limits) sounds good to you, then we would like to hear from you! Please do not include photos or information about your age. We promise a personal, friendly, no surprises process avoiding those elements we commonly see but strongly dislike e.g. white board coding, trick questions, talking to a non-deciding proxy or meeting the team only after joining the company. Instead, we aim for quick feedback and transparency, minimizing waste in time and/or effort. Looking forward to meeting you! The Product Team