Senior Software Engineers at [untitled]

Posted on: 01/03/2022

Location: Los Angeles or Remote (US) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: electron figma moment typescript serverless github react

There are very rare moments in history when we see a new product that leads to a paradigm shift in how people create. We saw it with the invention of the tube paint. We saw it with the invention of the camera. And you could say that we've recently seen it with Google Drive for the workplace, Figma for design, and Github for software development. Yet in music, we haven’t seen a tectonic shift in how ideas are drafted and created since the introduction of digital multi-track recording in the 1980s. [untitled] is creating that next moment in history. We’re building the simplest and most delightful way for artists to listen, share, and nurture their works-in-progress (WIPs). To put simply, we’re the Figma for music. We’re looking for generalist engineers with strong CS fundamentals to join our tight-knit team. Our tech stack is React Native (mobile), Electron (desktop), and React (web), all mostly using TypeScript. Our backend is all serverless (Firebase). The ideal candidate has built and shipped products using something similar to our stack and loves music as much as we do. Our team is made up of product-minded artists and seasoned technologists, who all share the same passion for well-crafted software and music. We’re well-funded by pioneering investors at General Catalyst and we’re working with some of the most cutting-edge artists on the planet.