Senior / Principal Software Engineer at Chiffer

Posted on: 04/01/2021

Location: (REMOTE)

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Tags: react

Chiffer helps finance teams at subscription companies better understand and manage revenue data and analytics. We're well funded, and are a completely global team based all around the world. Senior or Principal Software Engineer - You'd be one of the first five engineers on the team, and the first very senior hire. - You'll work on database design and implementation, complex data management problems, API design and implementation, some front-end React app code, building and iterating on our product, collaborating with designers and founders, and making a product that users will love. The way we work: - We are a remote company - work anywhere you want! Any timezone on earth (or outside earth, whatever) - We are an asynchronous team - we don't do scheduled meetings, and rely on each team member to pick their own schedule and to communicate clearly in writing and with recorded videos - We operate completely autonomously - no one will tell you what to do, we'll just tell you the goals and you will figure out how to work towards them with the rest of the team - Like all start-ups we're scrappy, but not scrappy on compensation: Chiffer is committed to paying our awesome team members at market-rate, including benefits. Please apply here! <>