Solutions Engineer at Ashby

Posted on: 04/26/2022

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**About Ashby** We’re building the next generation of enterprise software and we’re starting with a suite of products that help talent leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers run their hiring process significantly better (we haven’t shared much publicly about what we’re building yet, but we’ll be more specific once we meet). We are well funded and backed by great investors, including Y Combinator, Elad Gil and Lachy Groom. We have not launched publicly yet, but **we already have hundreds of amazing customers, such as Opendoor, Plaid, Airtable, Snyk, Benchling and SalesLoft** (and many others which we cannot name yet). We have a clear buyer persona and target market. Our current sales process allows us to land & expand. We've only taken the first step towards a much larger opportunity. In short, it's the perfect time to join! 🚀 **About this role** As a Solutions Engineer at Ashby, you’ll partner with Account Executives to help us land deals with both Mid-Market and Enterprise customers. Your objective is to help prospects understand how Ashby’s solutions meet their specific needs in ways that only Ashby can. To do this, you’ll develop deep product and competitive acumen across both our Analytics and All-in-One Recruiting solutions. The two main tools in your tool belt will be tailored product demonstrations and supporting hands-on product trials. You’ll know you’re successful in this role when prospects can’t wait to purchase Ashby! *(which happens pretty frequently, because the product is ahhh-mazing)* ### Our Philosophy Here are a few key points that should give you an idea of what it is like to work with us: We spend a lot of time building best-in-class products since we believe a highly differentiated product is a lot easier to sell. We want to offer deep expertise whenever we interact with prospects and customers. We strongly believe that small teams with very talented people (and the right work environment) deliver much better performance than teams with large headcount. We hire and compensate accordingly. We value a strong sense of ownership, principled thinking over experience, and thoughtful communication (we put a lot of effort into using the right communication channels) - we’ll get into these and other values during the hiring process. ### You could be a great fit if: * 🤓 You love developing deep product expertise across a suite of solutions. You’re well regarded as a subject-matter expert by your peers today. * 📣 You demonstrate mastery of clear communication. You ask questions with precision and can explain complex concepts in simple terms. You despise business jargon. * 📚You’re a student of the science of delivering tailored demos. You combine keen listening with presentation clarity to create engaging demo experiences that lead to an emphatic “yes!” * 🤝 You’re adept at partnering with AEs to distribute the work of progressing deals towards a commercial win. * ♻️ You can distill customer feedback in a way that helps us shape our product roadmap * 💙 You have a high level of empathy for our customers—their pain is our pain. ### Bonus points for: * 📈 Experience building custom analytics environments * 🤝 Familiarity with recruiting team workflows & data in Applicant Tracking Systems ### Examples of things you’ll work on: * 💰 Helping close our largest deals! Our enterprise customers have nuanced and detailed requirements that you’ll address in a systematic way to maintain deal momentum. * ⚙️ Build upon our existing demo environments to craft compelling narratives to showcase product capabilities * 🎨 Design repeatable processes to make the sales engineering team a well oiled machine as we scale ### Benefits You’ll get the time to do things the right way; we put a lot of emphasis on high quality work and avoid quick hacks as much as possible You get to sell a product that our prospects & customers are truly excited about Competitive compensation Top notch health insurance for you and your dependents with all premiums covered by us 401(k) matching if you're in the US