Founding Backend Engineer at PropelAuth

Posted on: 05/02/2022

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Tags: rust aws python

PropelAuth provides the right level of authentication for all stages of a company. New startups can use our hosted pre-built UIs which provide the simplest possible integration. Out of the box, our customers immediately have the same auth experience as large tech companies like Slack. As those startups grow, they can use our APIs and component libraries to pull aspects of the experience into their product. More than just authentication, we will also provide useful functions tied to a "user" or "organization", like analytics, billing/subscriptions, referral programs, etc. ### About the role As an early stage startup, we pride ourselves on shipping code frequently and learning as we go. We also have critical security, performance, and uptime requirements, so finding the right ways to ship frequently within those requirements is very important. We all love to learn and grow. Our leadership team has experience working with and mentoring engineers at both startups and top companies like Palantir. We'll work with our hires to craft it to their interests, skill set, and long term career goals. If you’re passionate about building products that make a complex problem easy for your end users, this job is for you. As one of the first engineering hires, you’ll have the opportunity to shape both the product and the engineering culture. ### Responsibilities: * Our backend is written in **Rust** with a few scripts in **Python** * Design understandable, performant, and secure APIs for authentication and authorization * Design architecture for high availability - as a critical part of our customer's stack, uptime and performance are incredibly important * Learn and support new auth standards like WebAuthn * Be creative! In addition to auth, we want to provide our customers with all the tools they need to be successful. This could be detailed analytics, subscriptions, or a lot of things we haven't thought of. As an early stage company, we like supporting our employees ideas. * Build client libraries/middleware in a variety of different languages/frameworks - no language or community is too small * Help manage infrastructure with **Packer** and **Pulumi** on **AWS** * Work with our DevRel team to understand the needs of our users ### What we look for from you: * 3+ years engineering experience * Experience working independently on small teams * Excited to build products that customers love * Ability to move quickly, but carefully * Experience with authentication or security appreciated but not required ### Working With Us: * We're a remote-first team, but prefer to hire in the PST timezone * We provide standard benefits - health insurance, PTO, etc * We strongly believe in hiring employees that are experts at what they do, and that our job is to support each other