Senior Full-stack Software Engineer / VP of Product - $200K+ at Villatel

Posted on: 05/14/2021

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**Title:** Senior Full-stack Software Engineer / VP of Product - $200K+ **Location:**New York or Miami: 50 remote/50 In-Office **Requirements:** You are a smart and engaging person who cares about solving business problems and can help our team keep a robust and sustainable pace. You take pride in your work, but don’t attach your ego to it. You like working closely with others and thrive in a team setting. You have the confidence to express your opinions, but the humility to learn from your experience and listen to others. Be opinionated and help guide decisions around technology, team processes and creative practices. You have a DevOps mentality, understanding the teamwork and collaboration required to achieve objectives including Agile and Continuous Delivery methodologiesAs the Technical Lead, you will be a trusted technologist at the company, and so you are required to have the most technical experience in both breadth and depth.**Role:**Your primary role is that of a Tech Lead and first in-house developer. You will have secondary responsibilities that overlap with that of an Agile project manager. **Responsibilities Technical lead** * Design and maintain of the overall architecture of the web applications and platforms with a proficient knowledge of back-end programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScipt, etc * Build, manage and lead a small team of developers * Write clean, reusable, componentized, and scalable software that empowers fellow engineers to do more * Review code from our agency teammates for correctness, quality, and readability. * Attend a retrospective and brainstormed solutions to problems in our development process and then worked with the team to implement them. * Optimization of the application for maximum speed and scalability using Content Management Systems such as WordPress * Ensure code quality, testing coverage, documentation of site so that it is maintainable, cross-browser compatible, accessible, and highly performant. * Develop the company’s technical strategy and processes that ensure technical debt is being mitigated and dealt with * Assist in screening of potential in-house technical recruits **Hands-on full-stack developer** * Manage and implemented third party integrations * Manage project dependencies (eg: Ruby gems), keeping the system up-to-date and secure * Development of feature, bug fixes and technical debt remediations using Ruby, HTML, JS, and CSS * Implementation of a robust set of services and APIs to power the web application using various techniques including RESTful and SOAP, web services, etc. * Have your code reviewed by our agency teammates for correctness, quality, and readability. * Translate UI/UX wireframes to visual elements using HTML5/CSS3 and image authoring tools such as Photoshop. * Integrate front-end and back-end aspects of the web application and content delivery systems. * Integrate marketing stack platforms (web, email, sms) to deliver seamless experiences across digital channels. * Hands-on Setup load balancers, distributed server environments using AWS * Implemented app monitoring and alerting **Agile manager** * Manage development of product roadmap **Experience** * 7+ Years of experience building sites using WordPress and headless WP * 7+ years of experience using Ruby on Rails. * 7+ Years of experience AWS; EC2, RDS, S3. * 7+ years working with third-party APIs * Experience as an Engineering Manager/Tech lead * Experience building and managing technical teams * Experience with back-end architecture (PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, GraphQL, DynamoDB, etc) * Experience stepping into and working with existing Rails projects * Excellent experience with modern front-end web technologies (e.g. React, Angular) and HTML, JS, CSS * Experience in designing and building systems to operate at scale * Experience with Agile / Scrum * Experience writing complex single page apps, and serverless functions