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Posted on: 11/01/2021

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Timescale is continuing to grow rapidly, and we’re hiring for many roles involving distributed systems and databases. Folks might know TimescaleDB as “Postgres + time-series”: we’re implemented as an extension to PostgreSQL (not a fork), but focus on the scale, performance, and ease-of-use needed for time-series applications. Automated time/space partitioning, columnar compression, continuous aggregates (incrementally materialized views), time-series analytics, and now a distributed database with horizontal scale-out. Database code all available on github; we don’t have any “enterprise versions”, so all our database code is available for the community for free. Currently see more than 3 million databases running TimescaleDB a month. That’s because our commercial focus is on our fully-managed cloud platform, so in addition to folks implementing the core database (C, Rust), we’re also heavily hiring for folks with operational cloud & database experience at scale (Kubernetes with custom k8s operators, Golang, etc), as well as folks interested in providing highly technical support, database release engineering, and building database testing infrastructure (think performance analysis, distributed database correctness testing, etc.) And product folks to support these efforts & all our users! We are also developing Promscale, which makes storing, analyzing, and managing observability (metrics & traces now, other signals in development) data easier and allows users to use SQL on that data. Lots of fun engineering and product roles/work, and an amazing company culture you can read more about here: <> Feel free to drop me a DM here with any questions (I’m one of the original engineers at Timescale — and now lead the Promscale team), or apply here at <>