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Posted on: 10/05/2021

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Tags: fastapi python postgresql kubernetes angular blockchain pandas

Torqata’s powerful data platform and suite of analytics products has been designed to enable tire manufacturers, retailers and distributors to work smarter, more collaboratively and drive better results across the industry. We are a data and analytics services and software start-up in the automotive and tire industry seeking to position itself as the premier provider of such services through increased visibility throughout the tire value chain and unified reconciliation of data across disparate sources such a point-of-sale data, aggregated inventory, manufacturer production data, product information, sales forecasts, introduction of a Blockchain ecosystem, etc. Torqata is a subsidiary data and analytics company of American Tire Distributors (ATD). Our frontend stack is Angular. Our backend API stack is Python, FastAPI, and PostgreSQL. Our data stack is Google BigQuery, Airflow, Kubernetes, Pandas and Python. We're on the Google Cloud Platform. Jobs are posted in Charlotte, NC and some of the team is there but all hires can work remotely permanently. Torqata is a great company, well backed, that values their employees. If you're interested in hearing more, email me at <my\_username> or apply below. Please apply through the website [\_Data\_and\_Analytics](