Senior Software Engineer, Infrastructure at EasyPost

Posted on: 05/04/2021

Location: Full-time / remote (US) (ON-SITE)

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Tags: ruby rails

Are you comfortable with scaling high demand software? Application level sharding? Software reliability, architecture, storage systems, HTTP, security, privacy, linux, and maybe even Ruby on Rails? Are you the person everyone asks questions? We need a very senior engineer (10+ years experience) on our software infrastructure engineering team. We need someone who is willing to help others grow. We need someone with an answer, who doesn't assume they have "the" answer. Someone curious and comfortable with uncertainty, who asks questions and doesn't worry about how they might look for it, even if the request is just "help!" or "wtf?". Someone comfortable waiting for understanding, agreement, pair / mob programming, and code reviews across teams. EasyPost makes a shipping API for rates, labels, tracking, and address verification. We're in the YC top 100 list thing <> and we're interested in helping small and large businesses alike. Please reach out if this sounds interesting. Send your resume and some words about what's alive in you when you read this. (I'm the hiring manager.) (We also have a greenhouse thing <> )