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Posted on: 06/02/2022

Location: Munich, Germany (REMOTE)

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Tags: k8s celery salesforce fastapi azure github mongodb graphql postgresql rabbitmq python typescript react

sento builds technical infrastructure to automate exchange of structured B2B data such as orders, delivery notes and invoices to replace fax and traditional EDI connections. Almost all products we consume on a daily basis are digitally processed via such connections: from manufacturer over logistic service provider to retailer. We are a small, well funded team with a solid customer base - our goal is to automate 1bn supply chain messages by 2026. For this, we need to make our infra rock-solid, get data insights and scale customer onboardings. Team wise, we're looking to build a WhatsApp (small, tech focused core team working on infra products) rather than a Salesforce. We've recently raised a 9m€ seed round from Insight Partners in order to double down on building our product to scale serving current and new customers. Finding smart, driven and nice(!!!) people is a priority to us which is why we move fast in the recruiting process :) Tech stack: Python (all type annotated/pydantic), FastAPI, RabbitMQ, Celery, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Typescript, GraphQL, React, ReactAdmin, TailwindUI, GitHub Actions CI/CD, MS Azure, k8s