Senior full-stack engineer at BeamJobs

Posted on: 04/22/2022

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We’re looking to expand our engineering team to build and improve a suite of tools to help job seekers land their dream jobs. You will be our first engineering hire and second engineer at the company (in addition to one of the co-founders). We’ll operate on a contract-to-hire basis, where for roughly 2 months you’ll be paid an hourly rate then switch over to salary. Your equity starts vesting on day 1 of the contract. 💡 **Wanna join us?** Shoot me an email at []( with either your resume or your LinkedIn and Github (resume preferred). Mention “Looking to apply” in the subject line so I know you’re a human and I can guarantee you a reply within 48 hours. **Note**: This role is open to anybody worldwide that can work between 2pm EST - 6pm EST. Who the heck are we? ==================== We’re BeamJobs—helping job seekers navigate the often frustrating, ambiguous process of finding and landing a new job throughout each step of the search. Here’s where we’re at: * We launched our resume builder in June 2020 * Since then, we’ve helped over 500,000 job seekers across the globe improve their resumes * We get over 450,000 unique visitors to our site each month * We’re a team of 3 full-time employees (including the 2 co-founders) and 7 contractors * We work 100% remotely * We’re just getting started You’ll be working most closely with me (Justin, one of the co-founders). I’ve been the only engineer on our team thus far, and we’re at the point where I can really use some help. Feel free to check out my [LinkedIn]( (I worked at Google after college then left to start BeamJobs). The position ============ We’re looking for a seasoned **full-stack engineer** who’s excited to join a small team and take ownership over the codebase. As one of 2 engineers you’ll get exposure to every part of our stack, from creating pixel-perfect UIs to tweaking our API for performance. You’ll work on improving our existing resume builder, creating brand new features for it, improving the codebase overall, and owning new projects we haven’t even started working on yet! **Some projects you might work on** * Create end-to-end tests and set up a CI/CD pipeline to ensure the health of our web app * Implement an AI-powered resume grader to let people know what’s working and what’s not on their resumes * Create a brand new product from end-to-end to recommend jobs to candidates that come to our platform and make it easy for them to apply * Set up an A/B test in the resume builder to see how adding more resume templates improves paid conversion rate **Your profile** We’re looking for an engineer that’s interested in joining an early-stage startup. That involves the ability to adapt quickly, a desire to understand how to improve the health of the business, and someone that can tolerate a bit of code jank (but not too much 🙂). We’d like someone that: * Is eager to work at a small but growing bootstrapped startup (we operate on revenue, not heaps of VC cash) * Has 3+ years experience working on all aspects of a modern production web app (front-end, API, database) * Has expertise using Angular * Can create pixel-perfect web UIs and has a knack for design (though you **don’t** have to be a professional-level designer) * Can communicate effectively in both written and spoken English (you don’t have to be perfect, but we’re a remote-first company so written documentation is very important to us) * Can work between 2pm EST - 6pm EST (with some wiggle room, though that’s when I work and it’d be nice to have some overlap) **Our tech stack** * 💻 We use **Typescript** and **Angular** in the front-end * 🚀 We use **Python/ Django** in the backend to power the API that the front-end consumes * 📔 We have a **Postgres** database * 🛠 Our front-end is hosted on **Netlify**, and the API/ database are hosted on **Heroku** What do we offer? ================= * 💰 Competitive salary (**up to $70,000 USD**) * 📈 Equity in the business (**up to .5%**) * 🚀 A great opportunity for you to grow fast and learn a lot * ⚖️ Work-life balance (I work ~5 focused hours in an average day) * 🌏 100% remote & flexible schedule * 💻 Paid laptop and accessories of your choice * 🛠 Latest productivity software like Notion, Linear, etc. * 🏝 3 weeks of paid vacation per year (plus [US federal holidays]( and a 2 week company-wide break in December) What’s next? ============ **Intro call (1 hour)** Meet Justin for a very brief/straightforward live coding challenge. Think more “fizzbuzz” and less “reverse a binary tree”. We’ll then talk more about the role and your background. **Paid take-home project** We’ll set you up with a mini-version of a real project we’ve worked on in the past. You’ll then be paid to implement this project (~5-7 hours) on your own time. We’ll have a debrief afterwards to talk about your work. **Meet the other co-founder (30 minutes)** You’ll have a 30 minute chat with Stephen, our other co-founder. You’ll work through a business problem to get a sense of how you two work and brainstorm together. **Job offer (45 minutes)** You’ll meet with Justin one more time to review final compensation numbers, go over the details of the job, and discuss what you’re looking for. 💡 **Wanna join us?** Shoot me an email at []( with either your resume or your LinkedIn and Github (resume preferred). Mention “Looking to apply” in the subject line so I know you’re a human and I can guarantee you a reply within 48 hours. Note: We currently cannot offer assistance in obtaining a US work visa. We’re a remote-first company and a US work visa is not a requirement.