React/Fullstack Engineer at Plural

Posted on: 06/09/2021

Location: United States (REMOTE)

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Tags: absinthe apollo elixir helm electron babel phoenix graphql kubernetes react

### ☁️ The Opportunity Plural makes it easy for companies to access and deploy the best open source solutions. Our vision is to establish a more direct relationship between enterprise developers and open source maintainers, without the cost of cloud managed services standing between them. We're building out a world-class team to help take this vision to market. ### 📜 About Plural Michael Guarino, Founder/CTO, has been building Plural for a year and a half. In Q3 and Q4 2020, Primary Venture Partners partnered with Michael to do extensive market analysis and customer discovery to hone the vision for this business. Primary led a pre-seed round in December 2020 and we launched at the start of 2021. With Plural, we are building an application marketplace that brings a strong value proposition for both the open source community and enterprise developers. Developers can easily access the best open source software to dramatically reduce spend on managed services, eliminate lock-in to create maximal flexibility in their multi-cloud environment, and gain better visibility, management and monitoring of cloud services. Open source maintainers will get the opportunity to fully monetize their projects via licensing and billing on the Plural platform, offering their solutions to enterprises without cloud provider managed services as a middleman and finally able to achieve full value for the open source projects they've helmed. Seeding such a marketplace requires a sophisticated go-to-market and product strategy. While the guts of the underlying infrastructure are largely built out, we aim to develop the platform and user experience over time through deep customer discovery on both ends of the platform and collaboration with design and development partners. We are looking for a fullstack engineer who can help power a rapid growth trajectory for Plural. ### 🔍 What We're Looking For We're looking for skilled React engineers to help build out our user experience and turn DevOps from a rickety, archaic practice to a modern, pleasant experience. We're excited to recruit individuals who are ready to have significant impact on the Plural platform at its earliest stages and partner closely with a small team to build quickly. ### 😊 What You Can Expect * Lean team with huge opportunities for growth as the team scales up * Use of modern React + Apollo GraphQl for the front end * Opportunity to work Elixir/Phoenix server-side * Work on the cutting edge of cloud-native computing by extensively leveraging Kubernetes ### 💠 Qualifications * 1-2 yrs React experience * GraphQl (apollo, relay, subscriptions) * Knowledge of modern source control (git) * Knowledge of js build systems (yarn, babel, etc) #### Nice-to-haves * Kubernetes experience - (core api, CRDs, operator framework, helm) * elixir/phoenix/absinthe experience * react animation/svg knowledge (nivo, recharts, react motion) * electron experience