YouTube Script Writer (visionaries needed)! at Dragonfruit Media

Posted on: 10/01/2021

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πŸ”₯ **Why this is exciting:** At Dragonfruit Media, we power the YouTube channels of some of the most influential creators on the planet (collectively, our clients have over 500,000+ followers across platforms). We strategize, script, and edit videos about everything from **launching multimillion dollar marketing campaigns, to space travel, Elon Musk's vision for education, Kendrick Lamar's creative process, paleo living**, and everything in between. πŸ˜‡ **If you like:** βœ… Making impactful, story-driven content βœ… Seeing your words brought to life in videos seen by 1,000's of people βœ… Bringing education and entertainment together to make the world a better place Read on! πŸ‘‡ **Why we need you:** We’re looking for amazing freelance writers to bring ideas to life by writing **scripts that will be presented on camera and animated by our editing team, then distributed to the world.** Every script starts with research (so you should LOVE getting in the weeds) and also needs engaging visual elements written into the script itself, so we're looking for rock star candidates who can bring a vision to life. 😎 **Who you are:** Candidates should possess the following skills: * You are a storyteller with a strong understanding of **narrative technique and the three act structure.** * You have the ability to research and understand technical concepts, then **explain them in simple terms to the everyday viewer.** * You are enthusiastic about **planning b-roll and animations for your scripts** as well so they can be made visual (video editing experience preferred, but not necessary!). * You’re an **excellent communicator who questions and clarifies proactively** so that your team can succeed. * You respect deadlines and are passionate to **get FANTASTIC work done quickly.** * You're **results-oriented** and care about the outcomes your writing drives, not just the words themselves. πŸ’ͺ **What you'll be hustling on:** * **Working with the creative team to research and ideate** great video script ideas. * **Modifying and editing** your writing to match client feedback and our style guides. * **Looking at YouTube retention charts and audience comments for feedback** to improve your scripts each time. * **Conducting YouTube channel and video research** to identify similar videos and use it to plan how you will make content. * **Checking on your scripting calendar** set by the team in ClickUp, and keeping ahead of schedule with minimal oversight.