CTO/Senior Full Stack Engineer at KONTOR.COM

Posted on: 07/01/2021


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Tags: netlify heroku contentful cloudflare apollo hubspot github node gatsby typescript postgres graphql aws react

# WHO Kontor.com is a successful proptech company building multiple products and brands to help teams and companies around the world to find and manage their perfect office space. Helping teams to stay safe, motivated and inspired! # ROLE We are currently looking for a CTO/Senior Full Stack Engineer to own architectural and other decisions, and lead the engineering team. You will be leading the current mid level developer and contractors to help develop functionality. There is also the opportunity to build out the team as needed.We are continuously adding new features to the existing products as well as building out new ideas and trialing MVP's to the market. As a successful bootstrapped company (7 yrs old) you will have full autonomy and minimal reporting requirements beyond direct decision making alongside the founders. # STACK API - node, graphql, apollo server, typescript, Postgres FRONTEND - react (with hooks), apollo client, typescript, gmaps, gatsby SERVICES - AWS, GPC, Contentful, Hubspot, Netlify, Heroku, Github, Cloudflare # APPLY Find out more about the team here: <https://www.kontor.com/team>