DevOps Engineer - remote at Fireside

Posted on: 06/03/2022

Location: (ON-SITE)

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Tags: ios serverless elixir ux graphql nlp golang kubernetes qa ml postgresql python kafka docker aws react web3 android

Fireside | Remote | Full-time Fireside is co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi and we're building the future of media and entertainment in a way that's participatory (where audiences are part of the show), and creator led and owned, bringing Web3 and Metaverse to the masses. We’re a fast growing well funded venture backed company with a growing team of 50+ and hiring across the board (see below). Backing includes top tier consumer and Web3/Metaverse investors. You will have a huge impact on the platform and community we’re building. Specifically, we are looking for team members in: Product Management UX/UI Design Engineering Management Frontend Engineering (Native iOS, Android, Mac OS, React, React Native, AR/VR/Gaming, Unreal Engine, Unity) Backend/Media/Data Engineering (C++, Go, Python, audio/video streaming/processing, Kafka, event-driven systems, ML and analytics pipelines, architecture, databases, management) Data Science, Analytics, Growth Engineering (NLP, ASR, Graphs, Python) QA (management, testing automation, manual testing, performance engineering) Release Management TechOps (GCS, AWS, Linux, Kubernetes) Experience designing and building media-oriented, Web3, Metaverse, gaming, monetization, consumer or enterprise applications at web scale is a plus, but not mandatory. Seeking senior or mid-level ICs, but outstanding recent grads and interns are welcome to apply. Work is remote and/or hybrid with current employee concentrations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Serbia, and others (primarily GMT+1 to GMT-8). We value diverse, creative, collaborative, driven, out-of-the-box thinkers who want to make a direct impact and build something truly novel and significant as members of our team. This is a genuinely great opportunity to get in early on this endeavor and contribute meaningfully to something good. Excellent candidates will have experience designing multi-datacenter, low latency media stream processing systems, instrumenting and debugging performance problems, 3rd party API integrations, and nice-to-have experience with devops deployments at scale. Requirements for senior media systems: 5+ years of programming experience Ideally Golang / Elixir / C++ Solid engineering background (CS degree a plus) Experience working on highly concurrent distributed systems Intimate knowledge of streaming protocols: WebRTC HLS (and LHLS) Experience with one or more major streaming tool kits: GStreamer FFMPeg Membrane Framework Experience with global content distribution (CDNs, etc) Requirements for distributed systems: 5+ years; C++ Golang Kubernetes & Docker Postgresql Hasura / Graphql Iaas experience - ideally Google Cloud, but AWS or equivalent is fine Serverless From: <>