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Posted on: 06/28/2021

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What is GrazeCart? ================== GrazeCart is an eCommerce solution built for perishable food companies. The product was originally developed for our sister company (Seven Sons Farms) and is now licensed to over 400 users across North America. GrazeCart is growing and we are hiring a ‘Sr. Software Engineer’ to pioneer our web/technical development needs. All development is currently handled by a strong agency partnership, and this role will work closely with that team to manage and innovate our eCommerce products. Here's the deal. We're a young company with a small team looking for someone who wants to learn fast and create a product experience our clients won’t forget. We're also a family business, so you can be confident you're not joining the common high-risk, VC funded, founder-existed, roller-coaster rat race. Our belief is that work should make people better, not drain them of their energy. We encourage people to be real, and let their personality reflect in their work (like this job post, for example). Occasionally we work crazy startup hours, but most of the time, we work normal people hours. We recognize it's not sustainable, and we're in this for the long haul. Our mission is to build an incredible product that helps our clients grow, save time, and impact more consumers - it's a lofty goal, and we know it’ll only be achieved by a team who love where they work. Overview of this role: ====================== **Skillsets / Stack Requirements:** Below are the primary services & languages GrazeCart is built with: * PHP * MySql * HTML * CSS * Vue.js * JavaScript * Ubuntu * Digital Ocean * AWS *It's all on bitbucket.* **Responsibilities (What you’ll do most of the time):** * Write clean code & ship features like a boss. * Provide technical assistance to the support team. * Investigate & squash bugs quickly. * Assist with designing & prototyping new features. * Help write specifications & unit tests for new features so we can build em' right the first time. * Oversee and maintain DevOp needs. * Architecture. * Asking hard questions about how & why a feature is going to be built. * Reviewing code & holding our dev/partners to a high standard * Assisting heavily with support needs for initial 6-months to help learn who our customers are, and how we serve them. Let's be honest, we're a young business and you'll be part of a small team - like the rest of us early recruits, you're going to do some of the fun stuff, a little not so fun stuff, and wear a lot of hats. **Qualifications & Character:** =============================== **Must Haves:** * Be an extremely talented developer (don't care if you went to Stanford or self taught building apps in your childhood living room) * Be well versed with our tool stack. * Alignment with our core company values (they’re [here]( * Willingness to report and take responsibility for oversights and snafus. * Be good at speaking to and working with humans. * Be willing to take risks. **Nice to haves:** * High competence in Star Wars trivia. * Experience working with multi-tenant SaaS products. * Experience working in a startup or a fast-paced environment. * Good UI/UX Skills (wireframing on UX pin or InVision for example). A little more about us: ======================= 1. We prioritize people and believe they are the greatest assets to any business. 2. We believe our work is making a real difference in the world. 3. We move fast (you’ll grow a ton). 4. The team is amazing and full of young energy. 5. For the right person, this is a huge professional growth opportunity. If you're naturally self-managed and someone who would be motivated by the opportunity to work up to a management role at a young growing business, then this role is made for you. **The problem:** The food industry is dominated by unethical brands who can afford the best developers and marketers to hide their shortcuts behind an elegant website. We believe that’s wrong and we want to help fight back by making the advanced technology needed to compete online, available to the grass-root suppliers who are less likely to cut corners. **Why work with us?** This isn't the typical cushy 9-5 office job. Working for us is dynamic, fun, and exciting. You'll get a chance to learn things and do things that just wouldn't be possible at other companies. Here, you won't be treated as another cog in a wheel. If you're looking for an opportunity to get in early at a company, gain valuable experience, be an important part of the journey and have a ton of fun: you found it! There are lots of boring places you can work if this doesn't pan out (we'll even introduce you to them), so why not do something exciting while you can?Schedule & compensation: ======================== **Hours & (typical) Schedule:** * *Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (1hr-lunch)* * *40 hrs / week* **Compensation & Benefits:** * **Salary:** $85k – $150k (based on experience) * Upfront $2,500 home-office fund * $167/mo farm-fresh food credit (redeemed at * 15 days PTO (120 hrs) * 8 days of Holiday pay * Remote work schedule * Company provided computer **We don’t offer medical benefits at this time, but we have several great resources that our owners and team members utilize and we’re happy to share those options with you.*