Software Engineers at Adacore

Posted on: 09/02/2021

Location: Remote, New-York, Paris, Bristol, Toulouse, Tallin, Grenoble, Vannes... (ON-SITE)

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Tags: coverage ocaml python

Adacore is the maintainer of GNAT, the Ada compiler based originally based on GCC (there now are multiple backends: LLVM, Why3, JVM...). We also have a lot of tools revolving around the Ada ecosystem (IDEs, Coverage tools, Static Analyzers, Formal proof tooling...). We are looking for a lot of different profiles: GNU toolchain maintainers, static analysis engineers (that's what the "software engineer" position career is about on our careers site), devsecops people, infrastructure enineers, techincal marketers... Some of these roles involve working with Ada, some don't (we use a lot of different programming languages: Ada, C, C++, Python, Ocaml...) but as far as I know knowing Ada isn't a requirement (it's fine to learn on the job). You can learn more about open positions here: <> .