Rust/WebAssembly DevRel Specialists at Second State Inc

Posted on: 01/13/2022

Location: (REMOTE)

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### Job Description: * Drive the growth and expansion of WasmEdge developers community. * Inspire developers to use WasmEdge and listen to their needs. Lend a hand when needed. * Actively participate in online/onsite developer community activities to talk on technology like Rust, WebAssembly/WasmEdge. Build a following for yourself and WasmEdge. * Create and maintain technical documentation and guides. * Explore cooperation and use cases of WasmEdge with different organization/technologies. Job Requirements 2. Familiar with Rust/C++ and WebAssembly, or willing to learn Rust 4. Love to share and enjoy writing technical articles 6. Strong communication skills and motivation Preferred Qualifications: 2. Impact among developers on twitter, github, etc. 4. Experience in open source projects contribution 6. Public speaking experience at tech conferences WasmEdge Github: <> These roles are remote-based. Being global from the very start, Second State’s team are distributed in Taipei, Beijing, the United States, and Australia. Among them, engineers account for 90% with Master's or higher degrees from top universities. All can be full-time or internship positions. Interns are preferred to be students majoring in computer science.