Front-end Developer at Branch Cut

Posted on: 11/02/2021

Location: U.S Timezones (REMOTE)

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Tags: kubernetes vue python

Branch Cut believes that the Internet needs more products designed for humans. We've started with TableRaven (<>), a gaming assistant for tabletop role-playing games. Our belief is that the web has opened a significant number of opportunities for saving time and improving availability of resources but that most software has translated paper in your desk to digital paper on someone's server and that we can do better. We're a small team (~4 people) and believe in making meaningful changes to our work based on feedback from our users. We move quickly and have high standards, but prioritize work-life balance. While in general we're pretty open about the technologies used, our current stack includes Vue (and using Pug), Python (Falcon), and some pretty nifty infrastructure-as-code (using Kubernetes) to deploy changes as quickly as possible, no matter the environment. We need someone who is going to own the front-end development environment and are looking for someone who knows best practices and when they shouldn't be followed.